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The healthcare ecosystem is in a state of convergence as the industry is leaning towards  value-based healthcare focusing on positive patient outcomes while driving down costs and eliminating waste and abuse.  The conversation by both payers and providers no longer focuses on whether predictive analytics impacts outcomes but rather where and how they impact it.Leading Healthcare organizations are leveraging the next generation hybrid data management platform from Cloudera to drive AI, NLP, and predictive analytics  in order to make better decisions across historical and real-time patient health data.

Key Use Cases
  • Quality of care optimization
  • Translational research
  • Machine learning in the clinic
  • Healthcare IoT
  • Cybersecurity in healthcare

Quality of care optimization

Healthcare providers are increasingly capturing and analyzing data from bedside sensors, bio-monitors, HL7, FHIR, and other streaming and internet-of-things scale data feeds. Environmental and epigenetic factors such as ambient light, ambient noise, stress, and clinical interventions represent examples of enriching healthcare predictive analytics data. Cloudera, provides a scalable next generation, hybrid data management platform that empowers physicians, researchers, and others to easily collect, process, secure, and analyze all of this data for evaluating ways to impact patient outcomes.

Translational research

Analysis of the relevant DNA sequences, whether whole genome, exome, methylation or multi-omics, puts us in reach of precision medicine and high confidence biomarker  discovery for the first time. Cloudera’s enterprise grade platform can drive tremendous improvements in cost and in computing power over traditional compute approaches in tertiary or downstream molecular analytics at scale. This helps enable use cases from health system pathology departments performing pharmacogenomics to research labs doing genome-wide association studies. Cloudera enables the fastest path to merge omic data with clinical/phenotype data from any technology in the market. More than  a dozen organizations have selected Cloudera as their precision medicine repository or enterprise variant store for unlimited scale.

Cloudera Can Help

Machine learning in the clinic

From enabling NLP and predicting sepsis, to developing algorithms that help identify cancerous tumors, machine learning is poised to fundamentally transform the healthcare and pharmaceutical space.

And Cloudera provides the next generation, open, hybrid data management platform that enables organizations to ingest, store, process, and analyze vast amounts of data that is essential in building machine learning models. Cloudera Data Science Workbench (CDSW) helps accelerate data science at scale to build, test, iterate, and deploy machine learning models in production using by taking advantage of massively parallel compute and expanded data streams.

Use cases for NLP in Healthcare

Cloudera Can Help

Cloudera Data Science Workbench

Accelerate machine learning from research to production with the secure, self-service enterprise data science platform built for the enterprise.

Healthcare IoT

IoT is undoubtedly transforming the healthcare industry today enabling use cases such as remote patient monitoring, telemedicine, and chronic disease management. 

Cloudera supported technologies, including Cloudera DataFlow provides a real-time streaming analytics platform that can help  providers easily capture, combine, secure, and drive analytics on data feeds from bedside sensors, bio-monitors and other connected healthcare IoT devices, at scale. Data from IoT sensors can then be stored, analyzed, and used to build machine learning models to predict patient outcomes and the next best course of action.

Cloudera Can Help

Cloudera DataFlow

Cloudera DataFlow (CDF), is a scalable, real-time streaming analytics platform that ingests, curates, and analyzes data for key insights and immediate actionable intelligence.

Cybersecurity in healthcare

As the healthcare industry adopts more technology, especially the digitization of health records, it is imperative that cybersecurity stays at the forefront of all the data management projects. Cloudera’s Cybersecurity Solution empowers you to proactively secure healthcare data by accelerating threat detection as well as investigation and response, through machine learning and complete enterprise visibility.

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