Rambling Non Sequiturs of my Hyperactive Mind!

  I’m Diana, and Rambling Non Sequiturs of my Hyperactive Mind is my blog. This blog starts as a personal style blogazine in 2006, but I am sure that it will evolve into… Continue reading

Conducting Business in LTAM – A resource to stay up-to-date

Get all the most important business intelligence news in one place. Find out all the relevant happenings and changes in #LatAmToday. Doing Business in Latin America and the Caribbean – Ideal for investors… Continue reading

How Successfully Get LinkedIn Recommendations or Endorsements

Having a glowing recommendation from many connections on your LinkedIn profile is a great goal, but there are a few crucial guidelines to bear in mind before you hit the road. I’m often… Continue reading

Reduce your footprint

There are many simple ways to reduce the footprint you leave on the planet. Learn how to reduce your footprint in each consumption category-carbon, food, housing, and goods and services-but don’t stop there.… Continue reading

Deportes de Alto Riesgo: Bungee Jumping

    Eres una persona a la cual le encanta la aventura y el riesgo. Te encantan los desafíos, y por lo tanto sientes placer cuando descargas toda  la adrenalina que llevas dentro… Continue reading

Personal Life Improvement through Meditation

When a person can regulate their sources of spirituality, it brings them great pleasure. Since we all are different in nature, spirituality differs for most of us as well. The goal behind finding… Continue reading

Detoxify Your Body to Stop Disease, Reverse Aging, and Improve Health

All the wealth in the world is useless if you’re unhealthy. You can’t enjoy your life if your body is weak and unable to function properly. You can miss all the wonderful things… Continue reading


I am currently using blog exchanges as a strategy to get credible websites pointing to my business. I am working with a SEO specialist in town, our strategy, we both write a a… Continue reading

LatAm fastest growing software market

LatAm fastest growing software market, worth over US$6bn in H1 – IDC http://ow.ly/qms97

Build Backlinks – A Strategy to Increase Ranking and Website Traffic

Google optimization is based on the premise that the more people that like to your website, the more valuable it must be and the higher ranking it deserves in search results.  But what constitutes… Continue reading

Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) deployed by Top Leaders in the Facility Management Industry.

Currently, facility designers, developers and managers are looking for building service contractors whose competitive edge is focused on the deployment of integrated systems that streamline facility maintenance operations and enhance supplier/client collaborative relationships.… Continue reading

Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy

Amazing article that left you with some questions! What is contentment, expectation and happiness? Does contentment lead to happiness? And then does having high expectations of oneself and others not lead to happiness?… Continue reading

50 Creative Ideas To Make Better Cities, Presented On Gorgeously Designed Posters

Time to start creating more community in your life, watch some tips – 50 Creative Ideas To Make Better Cities, Presented On Gorgeously Designed Posters The Urban Omnibus, published by the Architectural League… Continue reading

Colombia embracing Sustainability Practices

Colombia embracing Sustainability Practices!! Let’s see the first eco-taxis! Llega a Colombia la primera importación de taxis eléctricos, de los cuales 50 vehículos se distinguirán por ser inicialmente azules, y empezarán a funcionar… Continue reading

The Ultimate Green Twitter Hashtag List

The Ultimate Green Twitter Hashtag List: Build Your Online Green Twitter Following The following are 150+ Twitter hashtags that can help you gain Twitter followers interested in cleantech, sustainability, green building, climate change… Continue reading

Is Green the New BuzzWord?

I borrowed this post from my 9 AM to 5 PM job, I work for a company whose commitment towards the environment is high – and of course part of my job is… Continue reading