BizDev and Account Mgmt

My goal is to make you more successful!
 I take pride in my ability to help my customers build and grow successful businesses in vertical industries. I do this by aiming at three major critical success factors: reach, velocity and profitability.

My international mindset, academic foundation and experience enable me to help companies to be more globally competitive and realize much of their overseas potential. I can help any organization to align international business strategy with company goals, learn how to work better with other cultures, expand the company internationally and troubleshoot existing international operations and partnerships.

Main Responsibilities:

Analyze weekly sales pipeline, lead conversions, wins and losses, account development and retention, and type of sales and services to determine trends, inefficiencies, and areas requiring attention to increase sales effectiveness.

  • Support geographically distributed License Management team of twenty one (21) consultants in the Americas, and responsible for training process on product, pricing, sales methodology, and deal structuring.
  • Develop, implement, and manage worldwide standardized sales forecasting and sales reporting to establish data consistency and accuracy across the company. Oversee annual regional revenue of $125M
  • Target and generate leads for the License Management Team on enterprise multi-national accounts with a $100K+ threshold valuation: Proposed multi-million dollar account for engagement which resulted in the largest closed WON deal for the License Management organization in LATAM. Deal worth $3.5 Million – account profiled within the first week of being aboard with Adobe.
  • Redesign LATAM License Management Client Notification Process. Notify clients on behalf of LATAM License Management Head of an upcoming software licensing engagement: Decreased client’s response time from ten (10) business days to three (3) business days.
  • Partner with internal stakeholders in the business – BD, Operations, Sales, VARs and others to build a licensing growth engine that is cohesive, resilient and optimized.
  • Identify and oversee improvements in Salesforce and Tableau to establish company processes for order processing, license management, support, and contract management, as well as to increase field productivity, improve data quality, and accelerate user adoption.
  • Identify business requirements and recommend service matches and customization needs that would maximize the effectiveness of the field organization.
  • Provide oversight for data management, statistical analysis, and risk analysis for decision making and monitoring progress of sales.
  • Act as subject expert to create and schedule training for new hires as well as provide ongoing field and management training.

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