Domingil Ltd

Inbound marketing delivers 35% increase in qualified leads
Domingil Property Management Solutions offers a comprehensive range of property refurbishment and building maintenance services. Domingil is a one-stop shop that brings a full range of services together under one roof. The company has been an industry leader for over 20 years.
The business was having difficulty finding and qualifying leads that led to closed business. The owner and master craftsmen were spending too much time following up leads from unreliable sources, leading to a loss of time and mounting frustration.
Searching for a marketing partner who could get things back on track, President Luis Dominguez turned to Diana Esparza to assist him in offsetting this issues.
Diana created a digital inbound marketing strategy to support their sales process, qualify more and better leads, gain more web exposure and close more business.
Components of this project:

Redesigned and SEO-optimized luxury market website
Implement social media strategy, programming and scheduling
Implemented inbound marketing campaigns to targeted markets including content, email marketing, lead nurturing
Developed and managed robust PPC program
Content Marketing: blogs, website content, newsletter, publicity and outreach
Integrated customer relationship management tools, database management tools, and analytics
Key Results

110% increase in site visits this year | 2015 Houzz Award Winner in Design |
35% Increase in qualified leads

In addition to difficulties finding and qualifying high quality leads that are so critical for closing business, this mid-sized family owned company was missing opportunities to leverage the business via social channels, and lacked brand visibility in the home category.
Key Challenges:

Outdated website did not position the business as a green building service provider
Pipeline of qualified leads was poor and costly; web traffic was anemic
Creating a brand identity for niche B2B and B2C markets
Working with a constrained budget

Diana’s main objective was to help the owner with lead generation through inbound marketing strategies. She began with a recommendation to update the site and install inbound marketing tools to generate leads.
Here’s what that looked like:

Website Optimization – The complete redesign of the website allowed Domingil to showcase their handcrafted products and educate the consumer with relevant content. She helped Domingil get a 50% increase in web traffic through design and search engine optimization.
Content Marketing – Diana created a content strategy to promote thought leadership and gain a foothold in the industry. To ignite content on the social web, Diana strategically leveraged social media channels, generating increased website traffic and consumer reach.
Social Media Development – Diana’s social media program drove web traffic to the site while keeping in mind the buyer journey, resulting in higher quality conversions. Focus on niche sites like Houzz (Best of Houzz 2015 Award in Design) brought their brand to the right audiences.
Targeted Marketing Campaigns – Diana defined the consumer and commercial groups that Domingil wanted to engage and designed an inbound strategy to build awareness and reach.
Salesforce Integration.


After partnering with Diana Esparza on an inbound marketing program, a upgraded website, and installed lead generation processes, Domingil was back on track, with increases in traffic, quality leads and best of all, closed business. Following success with the basic program, the assignment expanded to include content development, lead-nurturing programs, pay-per-click, newsletters, and social media.
If you need digital or social media help, with no fluff, no jargon, bags of experience and damn fine results, get in touch.

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