Creative Solutions in E-Business Research

Diana’s capabilities blend industry expertise and digital savvy to understand users throughout the digital encounter: across platforms, across borders and across cultures. Clients can expect holistic analyses of their brand, business model, aesthetic, content and usability; along with actionable insights that afford the most appropriate methodologies and implementation strategies.

 Extensive knowledge of a wide range of e-media
  • National & international websites
  • Dealership websites
  • Corporate websites
  • Extranet sites
  • Mobile sites
  • Social media offers
  • Online advertising

15+ years of experience in market research and consulting

  • Qualitative and quantitative methods include online market research communities, social media monitoring, eyetracking, individual depth interviews and interactive surveys
  • Consulting and tailored solutions along the life-cycle of your digital offers, from concept  and prototype testing to performance measurement
  • Knowledge of cultural differences based on projects in 20+ countries

Read: The Formation and Impact of Supply Chain Confidence: An Exploratory Empirical Study,   Suply Chain Confidence – 2010


International market demand for software products and services are not evenly distributed around the world. Nor is demand distributed the same way as it was ten or even five years ago. Developed markets may be maturing as new markets are agressively expanding. This has created extensive market opportunities for B2B technology companies.

Diana began her career in the High Tech industry serving both American and international markets. She understands not only where to find profitable market niches, but also how to minimize technology risks such as protecting intellectual property and avoiding corruption.

Next Steps:

To find and grow your software company’s markets internationally, contact Diana Esparza at dianaesparza@hotmail.ca

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