Sneak Peek of My Projects

As you move through these work samples, you will see that I have been quite fortunate to travel down several roads through my career – this has provided me an understanding of nationwide and international markets.

Red Melog, Digital Strategy and Marketing, Director (Volunteer Work)

Ixion Technologies, Digital & Social Media Consulting Services

Domingil Ltd, Digital & Social Media Consulting Services

Terra Art, Digital & Social Media Consulting Services

ABC Driving School, Digital & Social Media Consulting Services

BMI – Building & Maintenance Industries, Marketing Business Developer

FormVerse Inc., Marketing Business Developer

SageTea Group, Sales & Business Development Account Executive, LATAM Region

For Careers Opportunities

I am seeking a new, stable, long-term career position with a visionary company which looks at my credentials and sees the full scope of what I will bring to the table for their business. My skills are fully transferable to any industry. I am available for relocation as required.

At this time, I am also available for consulting on a long or short term, project or hourly basis.