eSupply Chain: Pain and Challenges faced by Latin American SMB’s

Supply Chain Planning for SCP for Process Automation – SCP for Process Automation solutions are one of the most adopted technologies in organizations today especially for process automation. However, SMB’s has not seen any benefit of it, as they do not count with the necessary financial resources to deploy SCM technologies to generate business value, and a competitive advantage. The majority of end users deploying or looking to deploy SCP applications are interested in implementing SCP process automation solutions. These users are interested in process innovation, which is aimed at creating differentiating business processes.

Integration – SMB’s do to have the ability to integrate traditional technologies that support web-based technologies. Integration with legacy systems and emerging technologies to reduce internal IT cost, increase customer interaction, and deliver products and services that are relevant, better and cheaper than their rival. Deployment of technology is the only viable way to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Compliance with regulations is mandatory – Today are more than 10000 regulations in the USA alone that affect data storage, backup and protection across a range of industries. Compliance is not a luxury is mandatory. Companies are willing to invest money on technology products and professional services in order to adhere to new compliance regulations. Government are placing companies under added burden of putting in place business processes that make compliance an ongoing business reality.

Communication and Collaboration – Once-independent departments and business systems are getting more tightly intertwined and interdepend. While each has its own process and rules, they increasingly need to communicate each other and collaborate in a cross-functional and crosshierarchical manner. Any exception in one simple activity can ripple through the entire enterprise unknown consequences. Integration with third part apps and web-based technologies is a requirement for SMB’s nowadays.

IT Departments are under increasing pressure to balance technology needs with costs – SMB’s are looking for applications that help them to answers questions such as how to support the ever evolving needs of the business, yet keep deployment and maintenance costs and time to market down to a minimum, how to drive operational efficiency and enable a rapid return on investment and how to capture, store and access data to support the slew of new corporate and regulatory compliance requirement.

Lack of Visibility among the entire SC network – there is a lack of supply chain visibility (SCV) across the supply chain that hinder: Information Exchange –Collaboration on Inventories and Design.

Lack of Supply chain performance metrics – Metrics developed enable organizations to measure how confident they are, how supply chain customers perceive them, and therefore take responsive Written by Diana Esparza 16 corrective or preventative actions to build a cost efficient and effective supply chain that ensures successful commercialization in local and international landscapes. SMB’s are looking affordable solutions that provide ad-hoc analysis and interactive dashboards.

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