Digital Branding Case Study: Diesel Website Assessment

Diesel has been known for producing ads that invoke surreal images in lieu of direct product details, in partnership with Swedish ad agency Paradiset DDB, Stockholm.

Diesel’s unique international marketing strategy is innovative and has been studied by universities and institutions as a model.



To identify the marketing principles underlying the design of the Diesel Website.


This project is based on the Diesel Case study “branded hedonism”, the semiotic analysis of Diesel Prints Ads by Merris Griffiths as well as others reports and articles such as Heavenly campaign “Diesel taps Richardson and Wilson for sacred and profane fall ads” and the Driving force behind Diesel published by the Business week magazine.

After having read the reports mentioned above. The first step is to establish criteria to evaluate and assess the DIESEL website since the marketing perspective. A well defined website must address issues regarding interoperability & usability, functionality, security and privacy; services & products delivered, content provision, etc. Please refers to Table I to see criteria established to assess the DIESEL website.

The second step is to perform a SWOT Analysis for the DIESEL Website. By performing such analysis, we will be able to weigh up the fit between the company’s strategy regarding e-marketing, its internal capabilities, and external possibilities.


diesel-corporate profile


 The main goal of DIESEL site is not to sell its products but to promote the brand, the company is trying to achieve an interesting, interactive experience for their target market to help build up the “coolness” of the brand. With that they are trying to leave a memorable experience, an experience you will tell your friend about… They want the look and feel to match their product, spontaneous, crazy, passionate, not scared of death… because diesel is your heaven


  • To raise awareness of the brand and to gear it towards more people in order to keep the brand known as a reference in the jeans, work wear and other Diesel products
  • To place more advertisement for there products.
  • To attract customers from those intending to buy from their competitors.
  • To increase sales and expand their consumer market
  • By exposing the actual jeans and other products more, Diesel tries to stimulate new young customers to consider and wear their products by capitalizing on the sensibility of the jeans for a variety of situations
  • To provide effective and efficient support for consumers by responding to questions received via the web and giving site visitors the possibility to ask questions directly to Diesel clothing designers
  • To create campaign specific websites that perfectly complements the story of their campaigns and provides a closer relationship with their audience.
  • To inform and to entertain customers
  • To create virtual stores to cover more places worldwide by using the web site
  • To dissimulate information to their customers more effectively
  • To reduce their print production of fashion catalogues by using the web to present their new collections
  • Create more traffic by creating keyword-focused pages for higher search engine positioning
  • Enlarge better sales copy
  • Reinforce existing affiliate programs and introduce new ones.
  • Find a new niche market and expand the current one by encouraging current customers to wear DIESEL products more frequently or in more situations and by attracting customers who intend to buy other brand named jeans and accessories.
  • Implement various methods of media: including television commercials, new magazine ads, building signs, and billboards
  • Increase hits, store visits and website purchases


Diesel marketing strategy is based on differentiation and focus. The company marketing efforts are emphasized in building brand awareness as well as customer loyalty. The company also recognizes that not all the markets are homogeneous so that DIESEL is aimed to target a premium niche where market and industry standards are ruled by outstanding design, outstanding advertisement, excellent channels and exclusivity based on price.

DIESEL primarily directs their marketing towards young professionals who are very informed, intelligent, and individualist persons and who want to look stylish and sophisticated. DIESEL primarily relies upon its advertising campaigns to drive sales ahead. Indeed, the company’s website perfectly complements the story of its campaigns and provides a more dear relationship with its audience. The company also advertises in commercials, TV shows such as MTV, fashion magazines and billboards.




  • Diesel’s target market are single men and women 18 to 35 years old, it is young and hip.
  • People living in urban areas and who are career-oriented and on the go
  • Active and social lifestyles
  • Income level $62,000-$80,000
  • Trendy and style conscious and brand loyal
  • Fashion magazine readers
  • Television watchers




“Diesel uses a combination of the old and new logos. The Mohawk is still used in the trousers labels the red box is mainly use for the campaigns and the D is used to label products at the side of sunglasses, in the back of the jeans. Diesel Logo reference to the fuel as the energy needed to have a successful fashion experience” [1] The company also has six sisters’ brands (Diesel Kids, Diesel Style lab, 55 DSL and so on ) which have a completely different style. At the beginning Diesel was recognized by customers as a jeans and work wear apparel brand, but the company and its offerings has evolved in a fast paced way that at present it is perceived as an urban fashion brand which is clearly displayed in its website.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 3.24.30 PM 

Brand Era Analysis


Figure I.

Enric Glli Fort. ID520 Communication planning/ Fall 2005/ Institute of Design.IIT



DIESEL closely integrates all of its marketing sales and efforts to project a consistent image as well as a consistent positioning of its line of clothing and accessories. The image that DIESEL wants to portray to customers is that its brand helps people carry more pleasant experience thorough edgy and fresh designs.

Throughout its offerings DIESEL persuades customers to be happy and not being worried –centered as well as enjoying life as much as they can but without being too shallow and being aware about the world they live in. Diesel promotes the concept of individual liberty by cheering people to wear cool designer clothes to reach their own state of happiness.

The company differs from its competitors because it always tries to give the clients special, unique and innovative designs.

The slogan “FOR SUCCESSFUL LIVING” has been the key differentiator for DIESEL regarding its positioning statement.

The position achieved at Diesel Web site is outstanding. DIESEL has built a Web site that’s positioned to actually sell HIGH END STYLE STYLE IGHAND EXCLUSIVITY over the Web.



Yes Not
CONTENT PROVISION Determine whether or not the content provided by DIESEL is intended to be of general interest and it addresses customers’ needs.
  1. Minimum Content requirements
Minimum Content requirements
  • Company general Information
  • Description of key management people
  • Company’s mission, vision, goals and objectives
  • Completed contact Information
  • Complaint & Inquiries Forms
  • Comment Forms & Storyboards
  • Links to external fashion and clothing websites
  • Customers survey , comment box, Citizen Feedback & Performance polls, and Forums
  • A help page containing frequently asked questions and user tips (FAQ)
  • The Website provides users with resources for contacting the company’s key management team via electronic mail.
  • Able to print content (brochures, press releases, news )
  1. The clearest and simplest language is         used for the site’s content
  1. The quality of writing: basic spelling and grammatical competence and         minimal use or jargon
  1. Information provided is objective , reliable , current and accurate
  1. English and French Language Support (others languages)
  1. Deployment of Multimedia technologies
  1. DIESEL is the official provider of the information
  1. Available online catalogues
–      A good e-commerce experience is provided : Payments online
–      The website applies the “Clustering Service” concept: Provide services to users depending on their situational needs and expectations

  • The website of the Diesel clothing company gives details of the current collections for men, women and kids plus denim and accessories. The site also contains an archive of Diesel advertisements, or ‘guides to successful living’, as well as a store finder, company information and details of Diesel’s support for new talent in fashion, music and new media. Spread over hundreds of pages, the Diesel site not only offers fashions, but interactive, futuristic games like G-Police 1 and 2, and high-tech video artwork from 55DSL Extreme Sports.
  • The website provides a Link TALENT SUPPORT where artists, designers and musicians can find information on how DIESEL promotes creation by sponsoring events.

















Determine if the website’s design, functionality and layout are appealing to customers and suit the “image” DIESEL   is trying to portray
  1. Layout is visually consistent (user friendly)
  1. Design is professional and compelling
  1. The content is updated, dynamic, readable and properly broken down.
  1. Website is able to be customized
  1. Fast page loading ( no more than 10 sec)
  1. The design of the site supports understanding of the content
  1. The website uses flash, other type of moving content. If applicable, there is a mechanism provided within a script or applet to allow users to freeze motion or updates.
  1. There are sufficient external and internal links
  1. The external links and other resources are current and pertinent to the topic (trends in fashion, culture, model , Generation X and Y)
  1. Pop-up windows have been eliminated and are users informed when a new window is open
  1. Navigation mechanisms are used in a consistent manner
  1. The common menu bar is used at the top of every content page in the Website
  1. When a page includes moving content, there is a mechanism provided within a script or applet to allow users to freeze motion or updates
  1. Search Engine optimization
–      Searching is easy and fast
–      the website provides visitors with the ability to search for exactly what they are looking for
–      It has a site search feature
–      Three Click rule is applied thorough the website

  • The site was aiming at being different and it is different, and what is interesting about it is that it goes one extra step by being interactive as if it was a two street and they are listening to you too, they are not just simply showing you their products. They are aiming at winning you as a faithful customer that believes in what they believe in.
  • Which is very smart marketing move especially with the age of their target market.
  • They want you to join the Diesel Cult
  • Color Scheme: Soft gamma of colors
  • Risky and advance interface
  • Absence of text on web site

Diesel Bag:

Interactive Diesel Heaven:

COMPLIANCE SECURITY Determine   whether or not DISEL website has security and privacy policies in place to addresses legal issues such as IPR, copyrights, freedom of information, data protection, personal confidentiality etc.
  1. The website contains a security and privacy notice statement on home page or all the pages that at least states: Please read this privacy and security notice”         LEGAL LINK
  1. The website notifies the users when personal information is collected. The site must specify what kind of information is collected, why it is collected and how it is used
  1. The use of cookies are allowed in the site
  1. The “Copyright / Permission to Reproduce” notice is included on all the pages

The website has a link “LEGAL”, or “terms and conditions” and their “privacy policy”. Having these links encourages trust and security in the site for web surfers.

Determine whether or not the website have security and privacy policies in place to ensure that the web

hosting service or in-house server is protected and therefore it enhances citizens’ confidence. Establish that the

website content is legal and addresses issues such as IPR, copyrights, freedom of information, data protection.


MAXIM and Cosmopolitan’s websites have provisions that build trust and security for all its customers. The “Privacy Policies” links on both sites are there to alleviate the necessary fears of fraud when users want to purchase products from the site, or the privacy of their personal information during the use of online chats, discussion/message boards, etc. Both sites make use of the Secure Server Hypertext Protocol (https) when customers are conducting transactions. These secure servers provide the necessary security for transactions carried out. This, in turn, makes MAXIM and Cosmopolitan customers, at all times, feel safe when they interact with the websites.

ACCESSIBILITY Determine whether or not DISEL website has the ability to provide information anywhere, anytime to all its customers A.    The website has an ‘accessibility policy” established
B.    Disability Access (BOBBY, TTD, Braille method, etc) technologies implemented
C.    The website provides access to portals, intranet-extranet and online databases or publications
D.    Users using PDA tools experience viewing problems
E.    Users experience difficulty when screening PDF files, flash applications, JPG graphics, and problems with colour contrast, fonts, and bold text. s.
F.     Feature   to increase text size is available on the site
G.    Services and information can be accessed anytime and anywhere by people with disabilities or literacy challenges.
H.    Visitors can communicate with key management team to express their points of view
I.      Reciprocal Communication (Contact Us, Find Us)

    • Both: When I typed in “Cosmo magazine” and “Maxim magazine” on the search engines of google, yahoo, and msn, the magazines’ homepage ( and always came up first. Therefore, it is very easy to find these websites.
CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT Establish whether or not DIESEL website is applying the CRM concept in an organized way to enhance customers satisfaction
  1. Customer -centric concept
  1. Customer loyalty
  1. Interactivity (B2C) Business to Consumer
  1. High brand awareness recognition


Opportunities                                                            Threats

  • Web site is   listed high in the major search engines and directories
  • Web site graphics load “lightning fast”
  • Comply with minimum content requirements
  • Site design and layout is appealing to visitors
  • Easy to navigate
  • Search-engine optimization
  • Deploy multimedia resources to provide content
  • Allows services payments on line through debit- credit cards, etc
  • Easy access to portals
  • It has a strong online/offline reputation
  • CRM concept is being understood
  • DIESEL offers unique products and customer service provide is outstanding
  • Content provided is unique and innovative
  • DIESEL has   “marketing niche” defined
  • DIESEL offers a catalogue, which is easy to use so that visitors can find the company’s offerings.
  • A visitor can immediately tell what the website is all about
  • DIESEL website offers benefit-laden content
  • DIESEL sales message is clear and easy to follow
  • The company provides newsletters and press Releases “ DIESEL PLANET”
  • Site look and feel change foe every collection
  • Employ rich typography
  • Context is rich in terms of stories around clothes
  • Risky and advanced interface.
  • The Diesel New Art talent support program attract opportunity seeker willing to help market your products online.


  • Web site doesn’t offer a secure means to make financial transactions
  • Poor security and privacy practices
  • Interoperability is minimal
  • Not completed comments/suggestions forms
  • Lack of mechanisms for collecting customer’s feedback.
  • Price point is high.
  • Not every page has a link back to the homepage
  • Too many banners that usually mean, “Sales Pitch!”
  • Too many distractions like moving graphics and off-subject content



Opportunities Threats
  • Improve Customer Management Relationship concept
  • Build trust and confidence by remaining I contact with clients
  • Enhancement of content
  • Customization/personalization is promising
  • User behaviour is moving towards e-commerce
  • Retain and Augment customer’s based
  • Introduction of innovative business models.
  • Businesses are embracing automation as a tool for improving performance.
  • People are moving towards more self-conscious lifestyles
  • Local and International fashion and musical events where DIESEL offerings could be highlighted.
  • Attract customers throughout the Talent support Diesel new art programme
  • Increase web site popularity by exchanging links with similar companies
  • Customers are reluctant to using e-commerce technologies
  • Security and privacy issues one of the biggest challenges


Interesting facts:

  • Diesel owns shares in Victor & Rolf, Maison Martin Margiela and DSquared2.
  • In 2002, Diesel collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld on a denim collection for Lagerfeld Gallery.
    Renzo Rosso has been nominated for both Entrepreneur of the Year and has won Advertiser of the year.
  • Diesel jeans are only manufactured in Italy. Not true.
  • Diesel co-manufactures the underwear line with Mast Industries in the US, which also manufactures Victoria’s Secret products.
  • Diesel Denim Gallery is a gallery like space, which offers special edition jeans.

 Webography and appendix

 Diesel web site;

The Driving Force behind Diesel,

The Pelican. Diesel Hotel,

Renzo Rosso at Design Boom,

Airlock Advertisement Agency,

Diesel case Study “Branded hedonism”,


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