Globalization of E-Business Technologies

My interest in E-business dates back to my first job in Canada. My journey starts  in a start-up high tech company where I worked for a year as a research analyst; the company’s core business was the commercialization of IM-IT products, delivery and services.  This start-up developed an innovative and alternative business model called “Portfolio Management Program”. With this program, the company provided each of its portfolio companies with a full complement of business strategies, methodologies, and expertise to assertively penetrate into new markets. This business model was the spark behind my decision in pursuing my postgraduate studies in this field. Since then, Technology has played an important role in my professional career. Everyday, I wake up fascinated because I know that somewhere in the world, there is someone developing a new technology that will change the way we think and behave.
I have been fortunate to have the chance to work in a dynamic, expanding and stimulating technology sector. My pace throughout different IT companies has made me discover what are the implications of information technology in startups companies as well as the impact of I.T on their organizational changes.
Nowadays, organizations are using tools that allow them to deploy Internet-based technologies and infrastructures in order to perform everyday business process operations to keep pace with the swift changes that globalization entails. Indeed, the globalization of technology is one of the greatest business challenges faced by small – midsized companies. For instance, emerging companies are occupied with the existing demands and crisis that it leaves no time to anticipate for the challenges of tomorrow.
Due to the deployment of telecommunication technologies in a fast paced way, small and midsized companies are often forced to alter their business model overnight. As a consequence, these organizations face downsizing, insolvency, illiquidity, bankruptcy and so on. It is here where I come into the game: By writing this blog, I want to inform SME’s about the innumerable solutions they can deploy to develop integrated I.T strategies in order to maximize the value of information technology within organizations, as well as to create an information-based way of life.
My intention is to help emerging economies, mainly Latin American economies to embrace technology and see it as an alternative to achieve full economic development.
I am originally from Colombia, a developing country whose economy relies mostly upon PYMES (small and midsized companies), which are ill prepared to implement or integrate new changes such as technological changes.
Although some Colombian/Latin companies now perceive IT as the strategy to succeed in the business world, they do not possess the resources that are required to implement such practices.
These companies in their willingness to acquire and deploy new technologies do not analyze how such acquisition will recoil on their business model. It is here again where I want to play a role: I want to be able to craft strategies pertaining to leading change and therefore assist companies in the process of implementing these changes successfully within their organizations and without altering their business model.
Furthermore, by living in Canada, a world leader in telecommunications technologies, I can fully take advantage of the Canadian developments in that field and eventually try to help Latin companies to implement new technologies. I believe that I can make a great contribution in that field as a business consultant by employing my international background and creativity.
I hope that you can help me to make a contribution to the development of Latin Economies by educating them and preparing for changes that the Globalization of Technologies entails.
Let’s start blogging!

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